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George Galloway expulsion condemned

The expulsion of George Galloway, MP for Glasgow Kelvin, happened in the same week that:

  • a British Judge admitted publicly that the anti-terror laws mean that legally Britain is in a permanent State of Emergency
  • the judge ruled that police are entitled to use these laws against protestors, i.e. those protesting against the arms trade
  • a group of men being held without trial in British jails were told that the British State is perfectly entitled to base its case against them on information obtained using torture.

It’s not surprising that such a government could not continue to tolerate Galloway, who was accused of the following heinous crimes against New Labour:

  • He recognised the right of the Iraqi people to resist invasion and said they should do so
  • He said soldiers should refuse to obey orders if they were illegal under the Geneva Convention.

Add to that the fact that in his 36 years in the Labour Party he has consistently championed the right to self-determination of the Palestinians and defended other Arab states from attacks by imperialism, and you can see why New Labour wanted to get rid of him.

The NEPD has sent a message of support to George Galloway and we would invite him and anybody who is against this ruthless, dictatorial government to join us in developing a way forward to take us beyond New Labour.

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George Galloway expulsion condemned

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