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A New European Constitution

The main need of the human race is food and shelter, they are the simplest things to provide, the land was a gift from God, there was no production or material cost and no delivery charge, yet there is starvation and homelessness on a global scale.

  1. We need an E.U.I.S European Union of Independent State.
  2. Creating a fair trade area, not free trade.
  3. Use the 3 K’s – 1) Keep it small 2) Keep it local 3) Keep it interesting.
  4. Livestock should not have to travel far, local food production could be achieved with sensible planning. Taking surpluses to areas of shortage should be accomplished with proper planning.
  5. The money spent on subsidising the C.A.P. could be used to buy off surpluses for charities to use for feeding those in need. No land should be out of production while anyone is hungry.
  6. We should not pay farmers not to produce crops while there is a hungry world. The Countryside Stewardship scheme is a political exercise to fog off the public, rather than subsidising food supplies. If one wanted land to go back to nature, it would do that without being paid to do it.
  7. Land reform is needed, create tenancies for working farmers. In Eastern Europe, where the state still owns the land, it would be better for the state to become the landlord, rather than sell it off, rather than investors buying the land for capital gain.
  8. Sack the Euro M.P’s they are party groups not peoples’ groups.
  9. No need for Euro Election, just have a few people from each nation representing the people or the government of each nation. Create peoples’ forum.
  10. Create Marketing Boards. Trade by arrangement, no ‘dog eat dog’ for personal gain. In a nation needing one million gallons of milk a day and produce two million, a sensible price for 50% of the amount produced, and a much lesser price for the rest. The lower price would be from the money not spent on the C.A.P, charities would pay a little for it.
  11. People need a reason for getting up each day, share employment, have small businesses, enjoy the world, get off the tread mill. Limit the size of big businesses.
  12. The main need of the people is food, shelter and water, it should be a priority.
  13. Each country should have control of its own banking system and own interest rates.
  14. Tax on imports outside the union to bring prices up to competition price. I feel that we should be looking at flexible times and possibly a four day working week. That would take 20% of the traffic off the road in the rush hour straight away. Office space should be incorporated into all new housing plans as fax machines have eliminated the need to travel so far to work. With a new cheaper homes scheme, lower incomes would be sufficient. Job sharing should be encouraged to lower unemployment numbers and ample leisure activities should be available for all age groups. The 16-19 age group with no job could join a kind of national service. We could reduce the number of working days in the week on an age related basis i.e. maybe at 50 you work a 4 day week and at 60 a three day working week.
  15. There should be fish breeding areas set up within a European Policy agreement. If a codfish can lay millions of eggs one ought to be able to produce codlets to let out of the oceans later, grow food on our land to feed them. This would restock the fishing industry, other types of dwindling stock to be considered.
  16. Often company takeovers are wipe outs, just to get rid of competition. If a company boss or manager doesn’t know his staff by their Christian names the company is too big. Takeovers should be refused if people will lose their jobs.
  17. Existing farm building could be converted for small or new enterprises. Another option would be for no business rate charges if one employed less than five people. Taxation would be generated through income.
  18. Quotas should not be a sellable item, they were given out in the first place and should go back to the administration if not required. Buying quotas prevents new entrants getting into agriculture.
  19. Capitalism is like the game of Monopoly, where everyone starts off thinking they can win. Gradually some fall off the board, later there are two big players, then just one, as with communism, no one wins, but there is no excitement, we need a third way.
  20. Everyone in the E.U. should have the opportunity to vote for or against the proposed constitution with a third option for a Euro Peoples’ Forum for a Peoples’ Europe.

Laurence Keeley

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